Bornholm (Denmark)

The nature of Bornholm is often highlighted as the island’s main attraction. It has the whole specter of Nordic nature on a few square kilometers. Dramatic cliffs towering straight up out of the water takes us back to a time when nature's most powerful forces were at play.

The scenery is cut through by a rift that invites you to take a walk along the creeks and waterfalls.

The large sandy beaches at the south coast tempt both with swimming in the summer, and brisk walks in the windy autumn and winter months.

Should you have special interest in natural science, there are ample opportunities. Geologically, Bornholm is a treasure trove. Bird watchers flock to the island. Butterfly enthusiasts come to spectate rare species and an incredible variety of this fantastic insect.

Jan Pihl was born on the island and knows it very well.

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