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Kayak rental

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Please choose date
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Rentalprices pr. kayak

1 day: 600,- Nkr.
2 days (Weekend): 900,- Nkr.
Consecutive days: Weekend+350,- kr. pr. extra day.
(Max. 2000 pr. week)
Please choose at least one kayak
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Cancellation deadline:
48 hours before the agreed pickup
1 day is from 08:00 to 20:00 (unless otherwise agreed)

Liability and insurance:
All paddling are at your own risk
If damage or theft of the equipment you are liable
Unfortunately, we have no assurances that you can take advantage of via padleopplevelser.no.
Check whether your insurance applies to damage or loss of rented equipment.

Rental Policy:
All renters must have at least Våttkort intro course, EPP 1 or BCU 1 , and be able to present a certificate.
Rent includes paddle, spraydeck and vest.
The prices are subject to collection and delivery of kayaking at our dress.
Payment in advance, cash, VISA / MASTERCARD or via invoice (companies).
You tell us where you plan to paddle.
If you are delayed, please report this to us.
If you damage or lose the boats / equipment, you must pay for any. Rep. or new equipment.
If the tenant does not clean the equipment, we must unfortunately charge you 100. Nkr. pr. kayak.
Cancellation deadline: 48 hours before the agreed pick-up time.
Wetsuit: we have many different sizes, but we can not promise we have one that suits you.