Technique cource in sea kayaking

11377453 654068961392366 312102192 nParticipants will get a thorough introduction to technical paddling skills, for improved technique and safety.
After completing the course the participant can perform good technique in peaceful surroundings.

Lifting, carrying, launch
Securing kayak.
Edging and turning

Moving forward
Effective forward strokes (paddle straight longer range). *
Backward paddling
Figure 8 paddling forward and backward with edging kayak.

Rear steering stroke
Front steering stroke
Sideways movement
keeping the kayak still
In speed

Sculling for support.
Bracing (high and low)

Self Rescue.
Towing and use of tow line.
Eskimo rescue

Participants learn the basics of the roll.
(This is an introduction to rolls. Don’t expect to master this technique immediately.

Card and registration at NPF.

Required experience.
You should have completed a basic course.
You can attend the technician courses without having completed basic course, but you will then need to demonstrate that you have the basic skills. It is up to the individual instructor to assess and determine if you have sufficient skills and hereafter distribute wet card / sticker.

Time / Price.
Duration: 16 hours
Price: 2000, -
Please note that there is a binding registration. Meetings can not come, you must pay!

Rent kayaks.
If you need to rent kayaks for us this costs 400 kr. extra


What you should bring
We have all the equipment (not wetsuit / drysuit) you need for safe paddling on this course. What you need to bring is warm clothes, including an extra shift.
We recommend that you bring a drysuit or wetsuit if you have
Beverage, preferably a thermos of coffee or tea, and lots of fresh water.
Paddling makes you hungry, so we please bring a bite to eat.
Sitting or sleeping mats for use during breaks
Come in good spirits, this will help you to learn something new
Kayak, paddle, PFD and spray skirt (if you are not renting)