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Basic Cource in sea kayaking

11377453 654068961392366 312102192 nWe only hold courses on request and a minimum of 6 people.

Participants are introduced to the kayak and other essential equipment. After completing the course the participant will have learned to use the kayak, the oar, the kayak cover and west. In addition, the participant familiar with basic security procedures and drills, as well as how effectively maneuver the kayak.

Lifting, carrying, launch and enter the kayak
Efficient forward paddling
Backward paddling and stop.
Sideways movement of the kayak.
Low bracing.
Steering stroke
Forward sweep stroke
Securing kayak after disembarkation
Rescue techniques
Risk prevention
Planning and implementing a basic tour
General safety and basic seamanship
General information about outdoor recreation and the freedom to roam
Leaving no marks in nature
Card and registration at NPF.

(Organizer: padleopplevelser.no)
Required experience. None

Time / Price.
Duration: 16 hours
Price: 2400, -
Please note that the registration is binding. If you do not meet as agreed, you will still have to pay.

Rent kayaks.
If you need to rent kayaks from us, this costs 400 kr. extra

Program. Day 1.
We start with some theory on land, and hereafter we will enter the sea and work on technique and rescue exercises. You will be wet most of the day. The focus of this day is on security and comfort in and outside the kayak.

Day 2.
Touring. We head out to sea to use the techniques and rescue exercises we learned the first day. The focus of this day is on sea kayaking, including security exercises.

Fjærholmen beach

What you should bring
We have all the equipment (not wetsuit / drysuit) you need for safe paddling on this course. What you need to bring is warm clothes, including an extra shift.
We recommend that you bring a drysuit or wetsuit if you have
Beverage, preferably a thermos of coffee or tea, and lots of fresh water.
Paddling makes you hungry, so we please bring a bite to eat.
Sitting or sleeping mats for use during breaks
Come in good spirits, this will help you to learn something new
Kayak, paddle, PFD and spray skirt (if you are not renting)

What should you read.
pdfPaddle Plan / Packing list (Norwegian)
Paddling with a partner (Norwegian)
The right to roam (Norwegian)
(All prices incl. Sales tax)


Om padleopplevelser


Jan Pihl
+47 92 88 31 46
VHF MMSI: 825815533


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