Paddle Adventures arranges courses based on the so-called “Wet card ladder” of the Norwegian Canoe Association (NPF) and we hold courses for both novice and experienced paddlers.

All our instructors are trained through Norwegian Canoe Association. Safety training is an important element in all of our trips, with the philosophy that increased paddle experience goes hand in hand with increased safety knowledge.

The prerequisite for attending our tours is that you are able to swim, and that all paddlers must wear life jackets when they are sitting in a kayak.

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Always take an extra shift for the whole body on all trips / events. Expect a swim! In cold weather, especially in early summer, it is wise to wear wool as an inner layer on the body. If you have dry- or wetsuit, these might be brought.

More generally, bring clothes that are suitable for the weather conditions. A good attire is often a thin layer of sports underwear, followed by wool. This is well suited to absorb any drops that might come from the oars. In case of rain or strong winds, a light waterproof anorak is recommended. Bring a waterproof bag to keep your food dry.

We recommend that everyone brings a dry- or wet suit.


The following equipment is standard for our trips, if participants want to rent

Kayaks suitable for paddling in the ocean
Life jacket
Pump / bailer
On all courses
Helmet (All must wear a helmet on our course, these are FREE and available for all participants)